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Lifestyle Information

We are keen to give all our patients who smoke as much help as possible to stop. Please ask at reception or at any consultation for information and support.

Even the smallest effort can improve your quality of life and make you feel healthier and livelier. As walking is very good exercise which most people are able to do, and doesn't need special equipment, then why not get started on your fitness campaign. Simply start by walking for 15 or 20 minutes at a brisk enough pace to get your heart beating faster, three times a week regularly. When you can easily walk for an hour you are ready to move on to swimming, cycling or running!

Healthy Eating
A healthy diet doesn't need to be a boring one. Health experts tell us we are all eating too much fat, salt etc, but what exactly does this mean? Why not speak to your doctor/nurse or pick up some of our information leaflets so you can enjoy a healthier diet?

What To Do In Time Of Bereavement

If death occurs at home:

Telephone the doctor who will visit to confirm that death has taken place.

Contact the funeral director.

Collect the death certificate from the surgery - the doctor will tell you when this will be available for collection.

The NHS Minor Ailment Service

The NHS Minor Ailments Service is available from your local community pharmacist. You will be able to get advice and treatment from your community pharmacist for minor illnesses and complaints such as:



Hay fever

Nasal congestion

Athlete’s foot





Ear ache

Head lice

Period pain

Cold sores

Eczema and allergies




Haemorrhoids (piles)

Mouth ulcers

Sore throat


Warts and verrucae

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