Services Available From The Practice

All GP practices are contracted to provide basic treatment for patients and the management of patients with a chronic disease.

Child Health Surveillance, together with the health visiting team.

Contraceptive Service is a basic contraception service available at the practice. A more specialist service is available at Sandyford Central, telephone number 0141 211 8130.

Maternity Services is a shared service in conjunction with midwives from the Paisley Maternity Unit.

Immunisation for adults in relation to travel. Not all travel immunisations are available on the NHS. Information on travel vaccines is available on the NHS inform web site

Cervical screening is available for all woman aged between 25 and 64.

Routine immunisations for children is arranged directly by the Health Board screening department and managed by the health visitors.

Minor surgery such as joint injection is available. This is at the discretion of the GP and a prior appointment is required.

Non-NHS Examinations/Services

Non NHS requests, such as letters, reports and medicals, are at the doctors discretion and may be subject to a fee. As this is non NHS work these requests will not be a priority and will be dealt with in the doctors own time.

Local Services, Let